Volume 3 – Issue 2 (February 2022)

Dravidian Languages and News Papers in Twentieth Century with Special Reference to Tamil Nadu – A study
A. Theerthagiri & Dr. A. Thennarasu | Pages: 1-10
Feudal Forming in Temple Administration by Nayaks – An Overview
Dr. M. Babyrani & M. Mahesh | Pages: 11-17
Robert Bruce Foote’s Later Life in Yercaud Hills – A Study
S. Deepalakshmi | Pages: 18-22
The Rituals and Festivals of Muthukumarasamy Temple in Chennai – A Study
Dr. P. Thangamuthu | Pages: 23-28
Heritage Educational Institutions in the Nilgiri’s – A Study
Dr. R. Dhanish Fathima | Pages: 29-35
Women Education and Notable Women Scholars During the Nayak Rule of Tanjore
Dr. M. Kala | Pages: 36-41
Tirunelveli Kavalkars: Their Warfare Activities and Participation in Poligar Rebellion
Dr. C. Chellappandian & Dr. M. Thirumalaichamy | Pages: 42-48
Justice Ministry and Social Reform Measures in Tamil Nadu, 1920-1931
M.P. Kumaresan | Pages: 49-54
Abolition of British Zamindari Act in Tamil Nadu, 1947-1948
Dr. G. Mane Thanam | Pages: 55-60
Foreign Trade of the Early Tamil with Special Reference to Alagankulam Excavation
V. Vanithasri & Dr. S. Mercy Packiam | Pages: 61-64
Urban Environmental Issues and its Challenge Towards Sustainability in Madurai Region
Dr. B. Poornimasethupathi & Dr. S. Mercy Packiam | Pages: 65-71
Women and Sacred Temple Dances During Vijayanagar – Nayak Period in Medieval Tamil Nadu, 14th – 18th Century A.D
Dr. R. Rajeshwari | Pages: 72-78
Hisotorical Monuments in Sivagangai District
Dr. P. Saravanan | Pages: 79-82
Sir Thomas Munro – A Brilliant Administrator of the Madras Presidency
Dr. V. Natchatra Selvakumari | Pages: 83-85
The Swadeshi Movement of Tuticorin and Tirunelveli in Madras, 1905-1911
Dr. M. Bhavani | Pages: 86-91
Transport Development in the Colonial Madras Presidency, 1853-1920
Dr. G. Chandrasekaran | Pages: 92-96
Transmission of Intangible Cultural Heritage: Role of Women Folk of Thottiyanaicker Community in Tamil Nadu
V. Thangaraj | Pages: 97-103
Destined to Live with Bulls and Oxen: Thottiyanaicker Community in Tamil Nadu
V. Thangaraj | Pages: 104-111
Mid-Term-Elections in Andhra Pradesh 1985-1989: with Special References to N.T. Rama Rao’ Government
C. Annapurna | Pages: 112-118
Political Participation of Women in India
Dr. V. Roja | Pages: 119-123
Royal Women and Temple Endowments in Medieval Tamil Nadu
Dr. M. Lakshmanamoorthy & Dr. S. Kasthuri | Pages: 124-129
சேலம் மாவட்டம் காந்தியவாதி சசிபெருமாளின் மது ஒழிப்பு போராட்டம் – ஓர் ஆய்வு
முனைவர் மா. பாண்டிக்கனி | Pages: 130-134
அஞ்சல் தலை வரலாறும், சேகரிப்பும் – ஒரு பார்வை
முனைவர் ம.ராஜவேல் | Pages: 135-137
சமண சமயத்திற்கு அளித்த தானங்கள் பற்றி – ஓர் ஆய்வு
முனைவர் சே.செந்தூர் பாண்டியன் | Pages: 138-142
சு.தமிழ்செல்வி அளம் நாவலில் மகளிர் அவலம் -ஓரு பார்வை
த. ஞானசக்தி | Pages: 143-147
நரிக்குறவர்களின் வாழ்வும் வரலாறும்
முனைவர் ம.ராஜவேல் | Pages: 148-152
Karur Region and its Historical Background – A Study
D. Selvakumar | Pages: 153-163
Campus Politics and Democracy in Higher Educational Institutions in Post Independent Kerala: A Study
Dr. O.C. Promod | Pages: 164-167