Volume 2 – Issue 1 (August 2020)

Trading Activities of Chettis Merchant Caste in Medieval Tamil Society – A Study
Dr. M. Bavani | Pages: 1-5
South Indian Cine-Artists in Politics with Special Reference to N.T.R & M.G.R
C. Annapurna | Pages: 6-12
Company’s Revenue Settlement and Poligars Uprising in Madurai Region, 1791-1801
Dr. Kalarani | Pages: 13-18
Kamaraj Conflict against Opposition Parties
S. Jeyakumar | Pages: 19-22
The Emergence of Peasant Organizations Under Colonial Rule in Tamilnadu, 1943-1947
M.P. Kumaresan | Pages: 23-30
Pandyan Rulers and Poets: Their Contribution to the Development of Literature in Sangam Age of Tamilnadu
Dr. M. Lakshmanamoorthy and Dr. S. Kasthuri | Pages: 31-35
Kattabomman’s Resistance against British Rule in Panjalankurichi Revolt of Tirunelveli
Dr. Natchatra Selvakumari | Pages: 36-41
Pattini the Created Creator
Dr. C. Vairakkodi and Dr. P. Chandramohan | Pages: 42-47
An Analyze of Statues’s Attire in Thetemples during Nayak’s Period
Dr. R. Praiya | Pages: 48-56
Social Status of Women in Tamil Society of Cholas
Dr. L. Ravisankar | Pages: 57-64
Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana Programme on Rural Development in Tamilnadu – A Study
M. Sathiya | Pages: 65-72
Status of Women as Reflected in The Mythology of Garuda
Dr. C. Vairakkodi and Dr. P. Chandramohan | Pages: 73-75
George Joseph: His Socio-Political Activities and Promote of Khadi Movement in Madurai
Dr. M. Thirumalaisamy | Pages: 76-82
The Challenges and Enhancements of the Women Education in Piramalai Kellar’s Society in Madurai District – A Study
A. Moorthy Raja | Pages: 83-87
A Study on Endowments and Grants to the Temple in the Medieval Society of Pallava Period in Tamilnadu
Dr. M. Kumaramurugan and Dr. T. Dhanalakshmi | Pages: 88-93
Major Political Leaders of Women in Tamilnadu – A Study
Dr. Chandrasekar | Pages: 94-100
Implementation of Social Welfare Schemes and Special Schemes for Rural Area Development Society in Tamilnadu
M. Sathiya | Pages: 101-106
ஆண்டிபட்டி அகமுடையார் சமுதாய மக்களும் முனியாண்டிசாமி திருவிழாவும் – ஒரு கள ஆய்வு
பெ. நாகலட்சுமி | Pages: 107-111
அனிச்சம்பாளையம் கண்டியம்மன் திருவிழா – ஒரு கள ஆய்வு
முனைவர் வை. கதிரவன் | Pages: 112-113
திருக்கோவிலூர் வீரட்டனேஸ்வரர் கோயில் – ஒரு ஆய்வு
எஸ்.எஸ். மோஸஸ் | Pages: 114