Volume 1 – Issue 2 (February 2020)

Christianity and Inheritance Rights Prior to the Early 16th Century
Mini Mathew | Pages: 1-8
The Temple Constructions under the Palayakars and Zamindars in Dindigul Region
D. Srivenidevi and A. Sabarirajan | Pages: 9-15
Thrikkodithanam Mahavishnu Temple, Changanassery: A Study
K. Anila | Pages: 16-27
Truth Behind the Periyar Lease Deeds- A Critical Approach
O.C. Promod | Pages: 28-31
Women and Legal Education
N. Asha Devi | Pages: 32-37
Kottar: Center for Catholicism in Kanyakumari District
P. Floras Mary | Pages: 38-40
Propaganda and Picketing of Foreign Cloth Shops in Madurai, 1929-33
M. Lakshmanamoorthy | Pages: 41-45
The Historical Accomplishments of The Kallar Territory – A Study
A. Moorthy Raja and C. Chellappandian | Pages: 46-50
The Historical Background of Virudhunagar Hindu Nadar Community – A Study
S. Paramasivam | Pages: 51-57
The Measures of Government to Enhance the Social Status of Women
A.V.R. Ganesh Kumar | Pages: 58-60
Gandhian Ethics for Peaceful Coexistence
V. Indiradevi | Pages: 61-66
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s View on Education
R.S. Santhi | Pages: 67-70
The Works of Madura Mission Under the Rule of Thirumalai Nayak (1623-1659 A.D)
G. Chandrasekaran | Pages: 71-75
Thirumalai Nayak: An Icon of Hindu Bakthi Revivalism
M. Thirumalaichamy | Pages: 76-79
The Pallava Architecture
L. Sangeetha | Pages: 80-87
Bill of P.Subbarayan and Introduction of Temple Entry Resolution for Untouchability in Tamilnadu
Anitha | Pages: 88-94
All India Women’s Conference: Its Contributions and Achievements for Upliftment of Women in Tamil Society
C. Kalarani | Pages: 95-99
Women’s Organisations in India: Their Work and Struggle for Universal Adult Franchise for Women in Tamilnadu
S. Kasthuri | Pages: 100-105
Emergence of Non-Brahmin Awakening: E.V.R. and Seranmadevi Gurukulam Conflict in Tirunelveli
L. Ravisankar | Pages: 106-110
பழனியில் தைப்பூசத் திருவிழா
த. சுமதி | Pages: 111-114
பண்டைக்கால நாணயமும் பண்பாடும் ஓர் பார்வை
பா. ஜெயா | Pages: 115-118
விடுதலைப் போராட்டத்தில் கோபால நாயக்கரின் பங்கு
சி. ரோணுகா தேவி | Pages: 119-125
திருப்புல்லாணி ஆதிஜெகன்னாதர் கோயிலின் தலவரலாறு
வ. ரோஜா | Pages: 126-129